Exponential Curved Backloaded Horn Speakers

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SEE-THROUGH HORN SPEAKERS  Development Inside Story


Unknown Horn Sound

Hasehiro had received requests mainly from young
adults for it very often at the Audio Fair.
That's a smaller speaker for PC than MM-S type.
(Minimum MM-S type is MM-141S, and the size is
W16 x H45 x D25cm.)
But commercial PC speakers are quite inexpensive.
So, Hasehiro hesitated to produce the smaller back
loaded horn speaker experimentally.
Will it play low-tone range even a short horn...?
Hasehiro designed it as about two-thirds the size

of MM-S type. (That is W12 x H35 x D19cm.)
Such size can put it on the table and it doesn't provide a sense of
incongruity if put it aside of PC.

Completion of UMU-131SS

Hasehiro completed their first desktop speaker UMU-131SS and he
mounted DIY Audio SA/F80AMG on UMU-131SS.
Hasehiro inserted CD into the CD drive of PC, and he drived it by
own small digital amplifier immediately.
First, he listened to bossa nova by Jacintha.
Floaty her voice, wind of saxophone blowing through the space and
brilliant piano; UMU-131SS is open and realistic sound quality in her
own right.
Hasehiro changed the speaker driver to other 8cm drivers, but it
became languid sound from lack of low-tone range.
It seemed UMU-131SS has good chemistry with DIY Audio SA/F80AMG.
Anyone can enjoy dynamic 8 beat bass if the drivers are DIY Audio
SA/F80AMG, and that is magna-guard video shielding design.
UMU-131SS is a reasonable feeling of the massiveness of sound and

Prototype of UMU-131SS
LS: MM-151S
RS: UMU-131SS (prototype)
the low-tone range compared
with MM-151S.
But maybe that's just as well
if the owner listen to music while
operate a PC.
Above all, UMU-131SS has
a beautiful sound.
Hasehiro got into the sound.
He always heard the song called
"Ashita" by Ayaka Hirahara when
he operate a PC.
This song is so dolce music of an unhurried singing voice with clear-cut sweet notes of a harp.
UMU-131SS played realistic about the vibration of tight harp strings.
Visitors said "Is the sound from a PC?!"
It was hollow note like harped with gloved fingers when they hear this song through closed-box small speakers with the same SA/F80AMG.
Hasehiro's first desktop speaker UMU-131SS was completed.

Unique Idea Again

Hasehiro understood to enjoy even smaller backloaded horn speaker as home audio.
The undertone was deeper than Hasehiro thought, and the appeal
of UMU-131SS is its sense of speed and its breeziness.
Hasehiro came up with a unique idea one has cherished for many years once again.

Trial and Error

Hasehiro completed see-through
backloaded horn speaker.
Anyone can enjoy the exponential curve, too.
The side baffle boards are clear
acrylic board 10mm thick,
and Hasehiro bonded with
a transparent bond.
Hasehiro had this idea since olden days, but acrylic board is costly so he couldn't use it to their previous big speakers.
Hasehiro had a tricky issue.
That's glimmering transparent
bond scars.
They glimmer like luminous paint
if looked at from different angles

1st Prototype of AMA-131SS
glimmering transparent bond scars.
by refraction of light. (See the right photo.)
1st Prototype of AMA-131SS  
Hasehiro looked for the dissoluble bond
through professional company,
but he couldn't find it.
He tried a transparent double-stick tape.
But it also glimmers and lack of adhesion strength.
What a pity!
It's too roughly made if he bolt the side
baffle boards up.
Because the side baffle boards are clear
see-through boards.
Gilded bolts and nuts are stylish...?
Lack something...
Hasehiro found the amazing thing in a storehouse of a screw
wholesaler, and he decided to make the second prototype once again.
by a different color...   based on the color of iPod...
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