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Fresh voices of some of Japanese purchasers and listeners reached us.
Please visit and refer to them for your audio life!

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We'll be happy to answer your every question.
When you typed your E-Mail address in the bar, please make sure that
it is spelled correctly.
Please don't hesitate to contact us via 
Contact Form or  email
(please email me).
We are the only official export agent in Japan, and still don't have any
sales distributors in every country.

  Distributors Wanted

We are looking for the distributors in the world for Hasehiro back
loaded horn speakers.
We hope that our distributors should be Hesehiro sound's number
one fan
. Therefore, the foremost requirements to applicants of our
distributor are as follows:
Already you must be Hasehiro sound owner except accessories
    and kit products.
    That is, it is owner of WCW, RR-10, PMP, UMU series, etc.
Already you must be know the charms of Hasehiro live sound, in
    other words, it is their real sounds such as musical instrument,
    singing voice and performer's susceptibilities.
    That is, it is not artificial sounds.
You must be provide a space for listening to Hasehiro sound.
    Or it must be provide a lending service of Hasehiro sound
    at least one model.
Attaching a picture of your Hasehiro horns, please apply for our
distributor if you meet the above requirements and you want to sell
the moving sound to many music lovers with us.
Apply for Distributor
We know you can tell everyone about the charms of Hasehiro's
living sound because you're truly familiar with Hasehiro horn sound.

A&V Festa 2008
A&V Festa 2008 in Yokohama

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