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Hasehiro sells do-it-yourself speaker box kit of 15 sizes for Hasehiro
back loaded horn system in Japan.

This allows the owners to enjoy the improvement of the sound
to the owner's taste after completion. Let's introduce some of them.


MM-S: shallow bookshelf-type BLH speakers
MM: bookshelf-type BLH speakers
MM-T: tallboy-type BLH speakers
MM-ST: shallow tallboy-type BLH speakers
DIY kit for Hasehiro system
Owner Reviews 1st  2nd  3rd  4th 
Past Reviews on DIY kits for MM series
 Mr.A, Fukushima Pref.
July 2010
I received the upgrading parts today.
I immediately upgraded to MM-171 from MM-151, and the drivers are

I was using DIY Audio SA/F80AMG on MM-151,
and I thought SA/F80AMG is a great driver for just 8cm.
But very, very different by changing to twice the size of driver.

I feel natural cohesiveness from midrange.
Vocal part was much better, and it would be better off in time.
I don't feel habit of backloaded horn system.
It reminds me that MM kit is a superb product.
Thank you very much.

MM-171: 250(W)X450(H)X410(D)mm
MM-151S with PE-101A
MM-151S with PIONEER PE-101A
 Mr.H, Saitama Pref.
June 2010

Since last year, MM-151S affords me much pleasure.


Firstly, I mounted PIONEER PE-101A.
Although it depends on the source, it plays a very powerful bass
in case of jazz.
Furthermore, its treble spreads well
because PE-101A has a titanium center cap.
I can hear hi-hat with a proper metallic sound.
And I added tweeters on trial, but could scarcely hear it
above the sound of PE-101A.
MM-151S with PIONEER PE-101A does not require any tweeters.
This combination is 5 points on a 5-point scale in jazz.
I could listen to John Coltrane with delight.

Next, I played Hideaki Tokunaga on CD as a vocal evaluation.
It's not bad, however it leaves a rough feeling.
So, it doesn't let the music wash over me.
It is 3 points on a 5-point scale.

What about a classical tune?
It fared better in chamber music.
I could enjoy a well-rounded tone color of a cello, and the sound of
a violin struggles to stay before metallic sound
This is 4 points.
But it's no good with a number of a great composition
like an orchestra.
I could no longer to endure the listening of
a stringed high-pitched sound
in the first movement of Brahms SYMPHONY No.4.
This is 2 points.

MM-151S with PIONEER PE-101A is a fun system
depending on the musical taste.


Next, I mounted PARC Audio DCU-F131W.
Just as I thought, it has the capacity to play music
compared to PIONEER PE-101A due to the large diameter.
In general, it is called a soothing speaker driver,
but I felt it plays music after decomposition of the fine sound.
Even so, the sound has charm.
It has enough bass, and plays music with good balance
from bass to treble.
I can comfortably listen to any musical genre such as jazz, rock,
pop, opera and a symphony.
I could listen to the trio in the third act of Richard Strauss
DER ROSENKAVALIER without fail, and it was the first experience
for me in a small speaker system.

But I am unhappy with MM-151S with PARC Audio DCU-F131W.
This combination is straight 4 points on a 5-point scale
because I am very unhappy that the sound somehow lacks
the fun factor.
Somehow I feel like this sound is cramped.
I want bounce and the expression a little more in bass,
and come to want more refreshingness
in middle and high-pitched sound.

I started thinking MM-151S is too small to exhibit
the ability of PARC Audio DCU-F131W, so I want to mount it
on MM-161 in the future.

MM-151S: 190(W)X450(H)X250(D)mm

 Hasehiro Audio
April 2010
\ Report from Hasehiro \

I have finally been completed custom-made bonded type
SSC coated MM-151TK from Mr.T.
Fostex MG100HR-S FOSTEX's limited driver MG100HR-S
has a pure magnesium diaphragm,
and it has a sense of speed
with clear-cut sound.
I mounted MG100HR-S on the bonded type SSC-MM-151TK.
It became more high-resolution brilliant sound than I thought.
Listening to drum session, the sofa makes a quick change
to body massager.
That's floor-shaking amazing bass, although it's only 10cm driver.
I think he will like them a lot.

bonded type SSC MM-151TK with MG100HR-S

(screwed the side baffle boards up tight, too.)
MM-151TK: 190(W)x900(H)x450(D)mm
 Mr.Oguro, Hyogo Pref. 
October 2009

It has been a month since I asked you the adhesive joining and
the horn painting at Hasehiro listening event in Nanba.

I painted MM-141S at last.
The basecoat is
aqueous urethane first coating material
for exclusive use.
After that it's so shiny, so I thought of giving up the overcoat
many times.

after base coating
after basecoating
The coating material is vermilion red of synthetic japan.
It gets dry quickly compared to
cashew japan, so it may be said
that synthetic japan is popular coating material.
My family said "There are mailboxes." or "There are bird feeders."
I painted three times now.

Before, I read an article in your website "The sound became docile
if painted with japan."
So I wanted to do this because once.
That's called a "japan red model."
after overcoating
after overcoating (three times)
Well, I will report on the sound.
Originally, it was shiny sound
by Vifa TG9FD drivers.
But what's more, it is because
mirror-shiny clear sound.
I've seen many times,
"The paint turned up the volume."
Rather, I think it is more natural
to say
"There was no more need for
turn up the volume by the paint."
Because, the expression of
musical instruments and
source became fineness
and rich.
As proof of this, I don't feel that
it's too loud when I listend
at the
original volume level,
I feel that
it's powerful sound.
Until now, I couldn't listen to the symphony, big-band sound
and the like because of a ball's sound.
Right now, the individual instruments became separated.
So I can listen to them with a comfortable feeling now.

vifa TG9FD
Vifa TG9FD with Brass Baffle Stabilizer
The scrape comes still short, but I tucked own brass parts
into the groove between the front baffle board and the side plates.
That's called a "BBS (brass baffle stabilizer)", that's mere decoration.

From now on I will paint the synthetic japan more than 20 times.
The thickness of japan could adversely affect...
If so, I will cry on your shoulder...

MM-141S: 160(W)X450(H)X250(D)mm

  Details of MM Kit Series

collaboration the housing exhibit


 Mr.Ishikawa, Iwate Pref.
June 2009
I painted MM-151S.
First, I transfuse
school glue to the whole with a damp cloth.
I polish the whole with
sandpaper after drying.
I repeated the workflow three times and painted
aqueous clear coating
over this.
Then, I polish the whole with sandpaper.
I repeated the workflow three times, too.
Finnish birch baffle
Incidentally, I changed
the front baffle board
to Finnish birch
18mm thick.
Well, the sound was...
The sound like something was clogged up.
That couldn't be...
It fell short of our expectations
and we
walked away disappointed.
There was no effect of hard Finnish birch.

I explored possible solutions
on the Internet.
I learned that the cutting of the back
of the
front baffle board is effective
in improving
the performance
for small speaker drivers.
I tried but I couldn't whittle away
at the
birch caused by hard material.
So I asked a carpenter to that.
Now, I can see the cone of the driver
in full
view from the back
of the front baffle

The result...
It was a great success.
The lack of the high-tone range disappeared and
the mid-high-tone range feels so good.
It is totally satisfying flat feeling.
If saying severely is that I want to plus 1.5dB around 3kHz
and minus
1.5dB around 250Hz.

I want to try the noise absorbing material as the final adjustment.
What's the sound coming to?

MM-151S: 190(W)X450(H)X250(D)mm
 Mr.F, Gunma Pref. 
April 2009

I bought PARC Audio DCU-F131W drivers and
SSC coated front baffle boards.
It has been about 10 days since they started playing. So I report.

This is the first time MM-151S has been replaced in five years.
I replaced from TANNOY SYSTEM 12 DMTII to ALTEC CF204-8A
mounted on MM-151S.


I have thoroughly enjoyed without regret during the past five years.
But I was interested in Victor's wood cone driver.
I have come to replace to PARC Audio DCU-F131W
due to the good reputation of its wood cone driver.

MM-151S is dry perfectly in the past five years.
I bonded the MDF board to one another with
and I gave the surface five coats of
oil-based urethane varnish.
Let's start off with CF204-8A.
To my surprise, I couldn't listen to the violin due to the strong stimulus
to my ears until now, but I could listen to it with comfortable.
I had an aha moment, I didn't think it changes a lot by bond and coat.

I mounted DCU-F131W on the SSC coated front baffle board.
Before the mount, I gave the surface of SSC baffles
two coats of oil-based urethane varnish.

MM-151S with PARC DCU-F131W
MM-151S with PARC Audio DCU-F131W
I'm surprised the amazing bass from the beginning.
But it had a poor sound in some of the mid-high-pitched tone.
So, I put both of each other face-to-face and connected one channel
by reverse phase.
And I leave them for about 4 hours after turned up the volume.
After that, they played CDs and a TV playing till now.
During that time, the sound got better and better, and the poor sound
of the mid-high-pitched tone disappears every day by degrees.

The renewal MM-151S is a little bit less than previous MM-151S
about sharpness and force, but the renewal MM-151S has
a rich bass and shiny mid-high-pitched tone.
The renewal MM-151S plays any music with comfortable to me.
In particular, vocal and piano music are excellent.


Eric Clapton "Unplugged"
At first, PARC Audio DCU-F131W is less than ALTEC CF204-8A.
However, it has now became quite high realistic sensation.
I can enjoy it.

Midori "Encore!"
Chases violin and piano reverberate with big realistic sensation.
I could listen to the high-pitched sounds of a violin
without strong stimulus to my ears.
But I still feel a little tight to the highest pitch.
Whether it is fate of full-range speaker driver
or whether it gets better by aging...
I'm looking forward to it.

Henryk Szeryng / Arthur Grumiaux
J.S. Bach "The Violin Sonatas" "The Partitas"
I can only say they are a great.

The Modern Jazz Quartet "DJANGO"
Despite the monaural recording,
I could listen to each instrumental sound clearly with a superb chases
and shiny vibrancy of vibes by Milt Jackson.
The feelings are what I am addicted to.

I couldn't listen to these musics except Eric Clapton
during the past five years.
Nevertheless, ALTEC CF204-8A delighted me with piano trio
and vocal music, etc.
A forceful and a sharp tone of CF204-8A was appealing to me.
By the way, PARC Audio DCU-F131W is a good speaker driver
as I expected.
I'm glad I decided to replace ALTEC CF204-8A with
PARC Audio DCU-F131W.

I want to spend the time with MM-151S for years to come.

MM-151S: 190(W)X450(H)X250(D)mm
 Mr.S, Osaka Pref
March 2009
Thank you for all your trouble when purchasing SSC coated MM-141S
and the Corian boards.

Is PIONEER PE-101A all right?
At first, I worried about it because the midrange didn't have
the thickness worryingly.
Now, it has been 1.5 months, the sound came out at a relaxed state.

SSC coated MM-141S with PIONEER PE-101A
After a sound begins to come out,
the sound from PIONEER PE-101A has become stronger.
It plundered MM-141S of the characteristics of back loaded system.
For MM-141S, I should have chosen 8cm speaker driver.
But PE-101A (10cm) is my choice,
I have no regrets because of good looks.
They don't have the bass like a rumbling of the earth,
but it has amazing sound for 10cm driver.
I feel comfortable enough with a reasonable echo sound.
I enjoy brisk sound like full-range speaker driver.

I put an accompanying
needle felt by half into the air chamber,
and also, in accordance with your advice,
I put 
Tozawa styled resonaters.
Tozawa styled resonater
Tozawa styled resonaters
I began trial listening in series.

Doctor 3 "Jazzitaliano live2007"
Keith Jarrett "Yesterdays"
Sound spread and sound echo are great.
And it has very realistic sensation, too.
It makes me think that the speaker was born to listen to jazz.
Live instrument is so real, and it has a voluminous bass.

Laura Fygi "The Very Best"
It played her vocal voluptuously.
During singing, I was amazed by the sound of the saxophone.
I heard it like the player is performing in front of me.

I listened to the various sources without a break
from comfortable sound.
Emi Hayakawa "You and Me and Jazz"
Eden Atwood "Waves The Bossa Nova Session"
and all that.

I felt no strength in classical music as is to be expected.
But I got sleepy while listning by echo sound of live instrument.
That's good, too.

Kumi Koda "TRICK"
When I first assembled, it was underscored with bass
and the singing voice was hiding. It was intolerable sound.
Now the singing voice comes out forward
and the balance had improved. But this kind of music doesn't suit it.
Of course it can play some of J-pop with a refreshed feeling.

Finally, I listened to much-loved The Beatles.
I could listen to it at full.
I felt vividly even the recording of the 60's, and more listenable it
than Kumi Koda "TRICK".


Usually, I use SONY multichannel integrated amplifier TA-DA3200ES.
But Victor 2-way bass reflex speaker system SX-M3 drives
by marantz integrated amplifier PM8003.
I contrasted with PM8003 once.
I felt the difference between the characteristics of both amplifiers,
but surprisingly, voluminous sound is not so different.
I thought big differences occur in the sound.
If anything, the tone color of marantz with a sound spread
and echo suits my SSC coated MM-141S better.

I studied product reviews carefully before buying with an open mind.
My mouth splits open with better-than-expected results.
That's low-skew high-resolution sound,
and I could feel centering localization, too.
Under such condition, it has a sound spread and echo.
The sound soothes listeners.
It still makes full use of the abilities because I'm just getting started.
But surprisingly, they balance MM-141S with PIONEER PE-101A.

MM-141S: 160(W)X450(H)X250(D)mm

  Details of MM Kit Series


 Mr.Ishikawa, Iwate Pref. 
March 2009
I know you're busy.
I fell in love with Monacor SPH-30X at first sight, and imported.
I reworked MDF baffle boards before the arrival of SPH-30X.

I mounted it on MM-151S, it was baseless lightweight sound.
MM-151S may have been oversized box for Monacor SPH-30X.
But I could feel the good origin of SPH-30X.
I listened to some CDs. I heard the shiny tone of the high-tone range
such as a vocal, a piano, a violin and cymbals.
The problem is a bass tone.

I believe it needs an aging in megavolume.
So, I carried the MM-151S to a coffee shop,
and bring our friends round and have a preview of the MM-151S.
On the previous day, I aged the MM-151S at full blast for
about an hour with a shop proprietor.
Then, a bass tone came out as hard as it is to believe.
Our friends will be surprised at just a 7cm speaker driver.
MM-151S with Monacor SPH-30X
The preview of MM-151S with Monacor SPH-30X
We held a preview of Hasehiro back loaded horn speaker over 4 hours.
We listened the sound of Monacor SPH-30X and CSS FR125S
by MM-151S.

Monacor SPH-30X
It brings unusual shiny tone, regardless of the audio source
when listening to solo music.
It is springy and shining tone with clear-cut sound.
Is it Kevlar cone sound?
We listened raptly to the shiny tone for the initial period of time,
but the shiny tone stands out by degrees.
Listening to symphony, it loses texture of a dynamic playing part
of brass section and female chorus when treble part is coming.
It needs an aging more.
But the diaphragm of Monacor SPH-30X was terrific motion.

We, all five gave it a loud ovation.
FR125S was absolutely magnificent.
Usually, the shop proprietor listens to the sound of JBL 4344II
(see a photo), and he praised to the skies.
MM-151S: 190(W)X450(H)X250(D)mm
 Mr.K, Osaka City 
December 2008
I had been using CORAL BETA-8 on MM-191T.

But I damaged a voice coil of BETA-8
through my own carelessness.
So, I thought I take this opportunity to replace
BETA-8 with another driver.

I considered some drivers such as LOWTHER,
Electro-Voice and FOSTEX,
but I want to attempt at novelty


like a car stereo speaker.

Eventually, I bought KEF flush-mount speaker
for home theater Ci160.2QR, and mounted it on MM-191T.
It is coaxial 2-way speaker (16cm). MM-191T places a plentiful load
through the long exponential curved horn, so it plays music
with a deep tone. Contrabass and pipe organ are great.

I report this as unforeseen example.
MM-191T with KEF Ci160.2QR
MM-191T with KEF Ci160.2QR
MM-191T: 310(W)X900(H)X450(D)mm
 Mr.Kurotani, Shizuoka Pref.
October 2008

I built a tube amplifier VP-3488SE (pictured right) in August,
and I was listening to music on a 2-way (38cm and horn) large system
in my listening room.
I was absolutely-fascinated with the sound of a tube amp.
I want to hear the sound in the living room all the time.

There are self-produced zelkova-made 20cm coaxial 2-way speakers
(pictured center) in my living room.
I was satisfied almost flat sound of 50Hz to 20kHz,
but I learned of Hasehiro back loaded horn speakers on the Internet
and want to buy.

MM-161T with JX92S
MM-161T with JORDAN JX92S
I was surprised.
MM-161T with JORDAN JX92S is almost the same low tone
as 38cm driver.


MM-161T makes unbelievable low tone, it's only 12cm driver.
Recently, I built the 2nd tube amplifier 10W+10W (pictured left).
It can also drive MM-161T with JORDAN JX92S.

MM-161T: 220(W)X900(H)X450(D)mm
 Mr.Mochizuki, Shiga Pref.
September 2008
e-mail from him

A month have passed since I started listening
the sound of MM-191T with FOSTEX FE208ES-R.
I tested repeatedly, either increased or decreased
the sound absorbing materials and the resonators.
Nevertheless, the undertone is not like what I expected.
It plays only a weak sound.

I want to play the heavy deep sound.
I'd like to know about the relationship between the sound and
the sound absorbing materials or the paint application.
Please advise me.

e-mail to him

FOSTEX FE208ES-R is great driver in terms of resolution
and sense of speed because of low Qo.
But I think it has trouble with the heavy deep sound.
If you paint them with
SSC compound, the undertone become strong
with bright clarity.
But it will become poor performance in the present condition
if you paint them.

I'd suggest that you increase the capacity of the air chambers
by our upgrading parts.
Please remove one MDF boards from one MM-191T,
and add its MDF bords into other MM-191T on trial.
In that case, the fastening screws can't reach the opposite side.
So, please tape temporarily with adhesive tape.
The width of the front baffle board is short, too.
So, please put in a piece of wood into the space between
the front baffle and the side baffle board.
Please preview the sound in only one side.

If it still give a poor sound, please replace FOSTEX FE208ES-R
by FE206E or F200A.
Please let me know if you make status of progress.


e-mail from him

I received the upgrading parts to MM-1111T. (2-grade increase)
I brought the front baffle boards to a do-it-yourself home center,
and I had the pilot holes drilled. (@JPY21x16)

They need only a little sound absorbing materials.
Grew in the range, the sound became mellow and improved
the efficiency.
The low pitch sound comes along for the ride with a piano, a guitar
and a voice without equalizer correction
because the mid-low pitch sound near hundreds of hertz
has momentum.
Separated sound (left, center, right) gathered in the center.
Everything became better than before.

I will paint them in this autumn.

MM-191T: 310(W)X900(H)X450(D)mm
MM-1111T: 370(W)X900(H)X450(D)mm
 Mr.K, Kanagawa Pref
September 2008
One year has passed since I bought MM-191T.
MM-191T plays with perfect harmony when I mount Japanese driver
such as FOSTEX F200A.


But it doesn't play with perfect harmony when I mount
It makes a slip of the sound. In other words, it has a light sound.


I made all kinds of efforts, for example, I got the horn longer
than the original by increasing the divider plates,
but I couldn't do anything about it.
I was almost ready to give up, but I remounted the baffle boards
with LOWTHER PM6A upside down from sudden random thought.
To my surprise, it took an adequate load
and became well-balanced natural sound. It's so small a matter.

Now I am intoxicated with an electrifying sound of LOWTHER PM6A.
The other drivers don't have a next chance anymore.
People have different tastes in sound, and it varies
according to conditions.
But I thought this is one way to take advantage of LOWTHER PM6A.
So, I reported this as an audiophile.

MM-191T: 310(W)X900(H)X450(D)mm
 Mr.Ono, Gunma Pref.
July 2008

Today I received the front baffle boards for
PARC Audio DCU-F121W (10cm).
And now, I am enjoying the sound of the new MM-141S.


I enjoyed the sound of DIY Audio SA/F80AMG (8cm) with MM-141S
for 2 years, but I wanted to change the diameter of drivers
for MM-141S when I listen to the sound of MM-131SS (8cm).
I thought MM-141S is a little small to DCU-F121W,
but it was not bad sound.

I'm looking forward to an acoustic tuning of self-satisfaction,
while aging DCU-F121W.
A complete different speaker with just purchase
additional front baffle boards, and it can also change back
to the original drivers.
I find your revolutionary breakthrough quite impressive.

Thank you for your MM back loaded horn.

MM-141S: 160(W)X450(H)X250(D)mm

  Details of MM Kit Series


 Mr.I, Hokkaido 
February 2008


It has been 10 days since I bought MM-191.
I'm running out of adjectives to describe, that's high-quality sound.
I felt both surprise and sensation because I've underestimated
the full-range speaker driver.

Usually, I listen to jazz and baroque music.
I get involved in a realistic sound and forget the passage of time.
I really appreciate to meet a good things.

It didn't take much time for me to assemble the MM-191T.
I thought the buyer should make the pilot holes for insertion of bolts
in the baffle board before assembling as noted
in the detailed assembly illustration.
That's a point well taken because of hard MDF board.
I retightened the screws on several occasions from the very beginning.
To my surprise, obviously, the sound quality has improved
each time and every day.

MM-191T with Altec755E
MM-191T with ALTEC 755E

MM-191T: 310(W)X900(H)X450(D)mm
 Mr.Ito, Saitama Pref. 
November 2006

Thank you for your arrangement for MM-161 for subwoofer box
and SCAN-SPEAK 15W8831G00 midwoofer.
I will report on the present situation in the subwoofer.


I made a channel divider (-24dB/oct)
based on electronic circuit diagram on the Internet,
and I set up the system for 2.1ch.

Under my plan, I was supposed to paint the SSC compound
and bond with two-component adhesive in one sitting.
But when I purchased MM-161, the six-ply full width was 182mm
because of steamy summer.
Today, it is about 178mm, so I can do the work
but I don't have enough time.

And I have a problem in selecting the cutoff frequency.
It seemed like it creates the peak value around at 100Hz because
my acoustic tuning such as sound absorbing materials is not well yet.
So I have set the cutoff at 80Hz now.

Thus my own subwoofer remains in a state of trial fitting.
But it has a powerful effect on my sound.
I don't get a word of what it is playing when I only play
the MM-161 subwoofer.
However, naturally it lends weight to the musical composition.

I can feel its trend even weak bassy source such as guitar solo.
Now, I use SCAN-SPEAK 15W8831G00 within a narrow range.
That's a audio life of luxury or a waste...

MM-161: 220(W)X450(H)X410(D)mm

 Mr.Tsuda, Aichi Pref.
November 2006
The present my system is MM-161 with Tang Band W4-657SC
after all sorts of troubles and difficulties.

Firstly, I bought MM-151 for 10cm drivers from you.
Speaker drivers were for back loaded system made by FOSTEX.
But the speaker drivers needed MM-161 for 12cm drivers.
I ordered MM-151 by mistake due to a lack of attention.
I hurriedly bought 
the upgrade parts to MM-161 from you
and assembled.


But the sound was the worst.
I thought that whatever I tried, nothing was going to
my favorite sound.
I have got Tang Band W4-657SC on hand.
So I changed the speaker drivers to Tang Band W4-657SC.
It became refreshing sound without stimulating tone.
I felt motivated, so besides I bought the upgrade parts to MM-171
for 16cm drivers from you.
I have got 16cm drivers on hand, too.
I assembled that, but it didn't fit with back loaded system.

Thereupon I've been thinking of paint the enclosures.
I have got
the impregnating coating material for wood deck on hand.
So I painted the whole surface with it.
I spent over 2 liters of the coating material for 2 enclosures.
I dried them in a week or so.
And I overcoated the outside and the horn with
acrylic paint
three times, and assembled as MM-161 with Tang Band W4-657SC.
MDF became so firm and the sound, too.
It changed to a fantastic loudspeaker system.

MM-161 with W4-657SC and TAKET BATPRO
MM-161 with Tang Band W4-657SC and TAKET BATPRO

Moreover, I became curious about the back loaded sound
by 8cm speaker driver.
I decided to buy Tang Band W3-1231SH titanium drivers.
And I ordered
SSC coated baffle boards, Tozawa styled resonaters,
etc. to you.


I disassembled the enclosures for 12cm drivers (MM-161)
and reassembled them for 8cm drivers.
Eventually, I got all parts MM-141 for 8cm drivers to MM-171
for 16cm drivers.
What the hell am I doing?

Tang Band W3-1231SH titanium cone drivers were dynamic sound,
but I felt that the scale and the high-tone range were not enough.
Now I reassembled them to the first MM-161
with Tozawa styled resonaters and Tang Band W4-657SC.
And I have added TAKET BATPRO as the super tweeter.
I listen to music with the super woofer depending on the music.
It plays the great sound from pops to baroque music.
Karen Carpenter sings songs to me vividly.
Recently, I don't use much YAMAHA NS-1000M and B&W N805.

Tang Band W4-657SC aluminum cone drivers are refreshing sound.
I want to use the contrasting ALTEC speaker driver.
So I ordered the front baffle boards for it to you.
I really appreciate that you devised the unique system of MM series.


MM-161: 220(W)X450(H)X410(D)mm

  Details of MM Kit Series


 Mr.Nakamura, Tokushima Pref.
February 2003

Unfortunately, I cannot enjoy music at full blast.
So, I was looking for enjoyable speaker even lower the volume.
My concern for low volume was that it become poor sound
by weak bass.
And it is blunt or coreless sound if it is voluminous sound.
Many large woofers like that.

I chose 4 drivers from 10 to 16cm, Technics EAS-16F10,
FOSTEX FE108ESII, ELCY Electric LC-12S and Electro-Voice.
And I purchased MM-161T.
I was right!
I was so impressed that unclouded, backboned, voluminous
and sharp bass came out from MM-161T.
It seems like only the good points of the back loaded horn system.
Previously, I have been using the back loaded horn speakers D-37
designed by
Mr.Tetsuo Nagaoka.
But D-37 couldn't give full play to the ability when low volume.
So, D-37 didn't meet my living conditions.
I think MM series is great because they have good-quality bass
even low volume.

From the start, I adhered 6 MDF boards with
school glue.
I changed the internal wiring from associated cords
to JBL speaker cords, and eventually it was decided CARDAS cords.

LC-12S (12cm)

Eventually, ELCY Electric LC-12S was the best to me among 4 drivers.
But the top notes of high-tone range doesn't come out
from LC-12S with MM-161T, so it needs tweeters.
It is usually the voluminous of mid-low-tone and low-tone range.
I am hoping to increase the voluminous, so I will increase
the number of its driver to 2 per channel.
The hardness of the mid-low-tone range is like JBL 4" driver.
Am I very much flattered...?

MM-161T: 220(W)X900(H)X450(D)mm

 August 2005
I was using ELCY Electric LC-12S with MM-161T.
upgraded its MM-161T to MM-191T to increase the number of
its drivers to 2 units per a channel.
I mounted two LC-12S up and down, it was great!
It played hard sound with a soft laid-back bass by different blowback
in the 2 drivers.
But I still was discontented with the bass.

So, I mounted 20cm drivers on MM-191T.
However, I sounded like capacity shortage of the air chambers.
At last, I upgraded its MM-191T to MM-2122T.
I was listening to music by its MM-2122T with FOSTEX FE208E,
JBL D208, Technics EAS-20F100 and ALTEC CD408-8A.
CD408-8A (20cm)

CF404-8A (13cm)

I enjoyed music by ALTEC CD408-8A with MM-2122T,
but I had a particular concern to slackness of around 1kHz.
So, I mounted ALTEC CF404-8A on the rear open boxes
and I added them without crossover network.
I listened to music without change nearly a year.
But I started worrying about the bass volume.

P10Q (25cm)

And so I changed to Jensen P10Q drivers.
I don't know the brand, but it is alnico magnet.
The frame is pressed steal and the edge remains cone paper.
Originally, it was real dog. Bass was good, but high note didn't grow.
The gamut was cloudy and somber sound.
But it was very sharp sound,
and the rising time was much faster than ALTEC.
It played only the guitar.
It was dismal.
My money went up in smoke...
I should have bought Celetion drivers...

After 3 months, I said "what a relief..."
It just took longer than I expected to the aging.
Even now, sensitive sound of the mid-high note is sluggish.
So, I adds ALTEC CF404-8A.

MM-191T: 310(W)X900(H)X450(D)mm
MM-2122T: 440(W)X900(H)X450(D)mm
 September 2006
I used Jensen P10Q for 5 months.
Voluminous bass and sharp sound were utterly fascinating.
But I threw my hands up due to insufficient sensitive sound.

Therefore, I looked for a new driver under the following conditions.
20 or 25cm.
Superior expressiveness of tone color.
Fine high-mid note, bass and full band
even a single full-range speaker.
Specifically, high-mid note has a sensitive expressiveness.
Dynamic sharp sound in the gamut.

High note reaches to breaking point without stress,
and bass is OK.
I didn't like the driver first because of ugly subcone appearance.
Sound is well that ends well.
Now, it seems like a pretty face.
But I sound weak and boring sound if its motion is less active.
So, I think a large air chamber is better to the driver
to make its load lighter.
I cannot expand the width of MM-2122T anymore.
So, I piled the other baffle board on top of
the present front baffle board. (two-ply front baffle boards)

Audio Nirvana Super 8
That's a wonderful driver.
The magnet is larger than FE206E, and it is very sharp sound.
MM-2122T began to play with pleasure the sound of wind instrument.
It may be the best driver among 20cm drivers.
But it is necessary to do that the capacity of the air chamber is larger
than using FE206E.
So, I removed the sound absorbing materials from the air chamber.
Even so, it is my favorite sound ever.
Three-ply front baffle boards...?

MM-2122T special: 440(W)X900(H)X480(D)mm
 Mr.S, Toyama Pref. 
July 2006
Sachsenwerk has four different models in the marketplace.
Two are full-range speakers, one is 20cm field speaker
and the other is 22cm use of ferrite magnet.
The other two are 13cm tweeters, one is use of alnico magnet
and the other is use of ferrite magnet.
All of them are vintage speakers of the 1940's and the 1950's,
and carried by
the premium tube radio Olympia.
The most famous driver is 20cm field full-range speaker,
and many people say
the speaker system with 2 or 3 of the driver per channel
is the greatest in all of the speaker systems.
I purchased 14 of the driver from the German city of Dresden
at my friend's request.
My friend picked over drivers from them
because they have an individual difference.
It was deeply-moving tone for him,
so he would try to make the system
using the 3 drivers per channel this summer.

Field speaker needs DC power supply for its electric magnet.
So it's too much of a bother.
But some day I want to listen to the sound
on WCW or MM back loaded horn system.
I got hold of 2 of Sachsenwerk 22cm full-range speakers
using ferrite magnet, and it is decidedly rare speaker
compared to Sachsenwerk 20cm field speaker.
The sound makes my heart melt even it plays naked.

CORAL 6CX-501 and Sachsenwerk
MM-161T with CORAL 6CX-501 and Sachsenwerk
MM-161T mounts CORAL coaxial 2-way speaker 6CX-501,
but I removed the wire connection to the tweeter.
Instead, I use Sachsenwerk 13cm cone tweeter
across a capacitor of 3F.
I exchanged the advantage of point sound source
of the coaxial full-range speaker driver.
This was because I get the most wonderful, the world's greatest
and one and only mid-high Sachsenwerk 13cm tweeter to sing.

The mid-low range of CORAL 6CX-501
and the MM back loaded horn sound are excellent.
I also impregnated the baffle board for Sachsenwerk tweeter
SSC compound, and it had great effect, too.
It smells agreeably of a sense of reality and depth,
a stereoscopic effect, a persuasive power and the luster.
But the sound forces nothing on the listener.
It has a sense of tension but doesn't give tone to me.
I think this is the effect of a high-quality bass tone
from Hasehiro back loaded horn.

The most distinctive feature of MM back loaded horn enclosure is
that the owners can easily enjoy many sounds
by replacement of the baffle board.
And it brings a lot of enjoyment to me
if its driver is not designed to back loaded horn system.
MM-161T went through a transition,
it began with ELCY Electric LC-12S and my next selection was


Now it's CORAL 6CX-501 but I make arrangements try some drivers.
They are German vintage alnico drivers of the 1950's;
Stern-Radio and EGW.
I will play them with Sachsenwerk mid-high tweeter.
Back then, they made with high efficiency,
so they are meant for vacuum-tube amplifier.

MM-161T: 220(W)X900(H)X450(D)mm
 August 2006

I really felt I had to write.

I mounted SIEMENS Klangfilm 6 Ruf lsp 13g on MM-161T.
The drivers are medium-term models with VAC alnico magnets
and orange labels.
They were produced in transition from excitation
to permanent magnet model in the early 1950s.
DCR is about 6, the efficiency is very high.
Sufficiently-strong alnico magnet, infinitely-thin lightweight cone paper
and aged deterioration-free edge.
That's full-range speaker driver for tube radio.

Klangfilm 6Ruf lsp 13g
SIEMENS Klangfilm full-range 6 Ruf lsp 13g
I mounted them on the SSC coated front baffle boards.
At first, I uncoupled the mid-high connection of Sachsenwerk
and heard the sound a little.
I connected its mid-high connection
and switched the capacitor to 2F for the lack of the upper side.

Oh! Great!
I felt perfectly natural to connection with Sachsenwerk tweeters.
Buoyant good-quality low pitch sound.
Highly concentrated sleek and rich midrange.
I can feel an air from Sachsenwerk on the high-tone range.
My compliments.
There's no end of melody and dynamism.
I am swayed by the sound.

It took 1.5 years of twists and turns to provide an adequate selection
of quality SIEMENS Klangfilm.
Experience shows that German vintage speaker must not mount
on any box.
It doesn't fully display the positive attributes
even open back enclosure.
It exerts its potential to the full extent at plane baffle.
German vintage speaker is vibrating system, so it has blowback
in extreme detestation.
But German SIEMENS Klangfilm doesn't have a problem
to Hasehiro MM series (MM-161T).

Hasehiro MM series has unlimited potential.

MM-161T: 220(W)X900(H)X450(D)mm
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  Details of MM Kit Series



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