1. Exponential Curved Backloaded Horn Speakers

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      Commercial Product/Commodity prices
    Commodity prices are listed in Cost Estimates and each page.
    We will not sell the manufacturing drawings of Hasehiro backloaded
    horn speaker system.
      total cost
    Please note that the tinge of the actual products may differ from the
    shot images shown by the shooting skill, your display environment
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    Our insurance is not covered if the product you ordered forfeit by the
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    We will provide a very 
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    Validity period of quotation is one month.
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    We will make known it after receive order at the earliest possible.
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      total cost
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      Returned Goods/Replacement

    We refuse returned goods and replacement for whatever reason.
    But we'll ship the replacement goods if we accept full responsibility for
    any damage and accident on the evidence for unused condition only.
    Please send E-Mail, attaching the photo of the defects within 5 days
    after receiving the item. No matter what, you have to notify
    the condition to the local courier.

    Sorry, warranty is valid only in Japan.


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