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Hasehiro Kogyo Co., Ltd. was founded in Sanjo (Ironmongery City) in
1950 as the manufacturers of hammer.
In about 1978, Hasehiro started study of concrete backloaded horn
speaker and in 1997, Hasehiro completed the world's first backloaded
double-layered horn speaker.
Hasehiro patented some related items in Japan.
Then, Hasehiro established a firm position as a back
loaded horn speaker manufacturer in Japan.
In June 2009, Hasehiro just stepped up that efforts to
overseas sale through TelaVox/TelaWorks.
We want more and more people to know the endsville
1990 Concrete Backloaded Horn Speaker (X series)
1997 Double-Layered Hybrid Backloaded Horn Speaker (WCW series)
2002 Diy Kits for the Backloaded Horn Speaker Box (MM series)
2003 Monocoque Designer's Backloaded Horn Speaker (RR-10 series)
2005 Acrylic See-Through Backloaded Horn Speaker (AMA-131SS)
2006 Baby Urbanized Backloaded Horn Speaker (UMU-131SS series)
2006 Pianoblack Mirrored Backloaded Horn Speaker (PMP-131SS)
2008 Smallest Premium Backloaded Horn Speaker (UMU-131XS)
2010 Minimal Width Backloaded Horn Speaker (UMU-121SS series)
2010 Nostalgic Backloaded Horn Speaker Box (Nostalgia series)
2014 Middle Class Backloaded Horn Speaker Box (UMU-M series)
2015 Backloaded Soundbar (BH600/BH800 series)
 Trial Listening
There is nothing like the trial listening, no matter how someone
says. We'd like to think you understood the magnitude of value
but we don't think they can appreciate them as much as someone
who has actually listened that themselves.
Please look, listen and feel that through your five senses.
Listening Room

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Location: 2-6-11 Nishihonjoji, Sanjo-shi, Niigata, Japan
Holiday: Sunday and unreserved day
Hours: 9:00 to 17:00
We will drive to and from Tsubame-Sanjo station on the Joetsu
Shinkansen line at your request.
Please contact us by  email (please email me) or
contact form as soon as possible to reserve listening room.
listening booth
designing picture of WCW-J160 at the listening room
\ contrast study of many speaker drivers \
Hasehiro Events 
Please feel very welcome to drop around if you are passing by.
The future events and the past looks.
BB (Bulletin Board)


Hasehiro Audio has made "SOUND" with a lot of audiophile, once, now
and forever.
Some of unforgettable episodes during audiophile are here.
episode_1 Acoustic Tuning
episode_2 Custom-made Volume Control
episode_3 Custom-made Chassis for Tube Amp
episode_4 Western Electric WE755A
episode_5 Recovered Altec Sound
episode_6 Birth of WCW-F200A 
episode_7 Blue Eyed Soul 
episode_8 Do It Yourself Class for Women 
episode_9 Niigata's Jazz Audio Fans Only 


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